Plans Set for Alingsås Energi Battery Storage System Project in Sweden

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Plans are underway for the development of the Alingsås Energi Battery Storage Project in Sweden. In this regard, the renewable energy company RES and battery storage developer SCR have joined forces.

The collaboration will deliver the 17MW/17MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) for Alingsås Energi. The latter is a local distribution network operator (DNO) and utility owned by the municipal authority of Alingsås municipality.

The Alingsås Energi Battery Storage system is expected to reach commercial operation in mid-2024. It marks RES and SCR’s second venture in Sweden after the 20MW BESS project by Landskrona Energi, another DNO, which is set to be launched next year.

The Alingsås project is situated in close proximity to one of the DNO’s substations. It will thus play a crucial role in managing electricity supply and demand on the grid. By utilizing energy storage, Alingsås Energi aims to enhance grid stability. Additionally, it will support the ongoing green transition.

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Alingsås Energi Battery Storage in Sweden to enhance grid stability and support the green transition

Magnus Mattsson, Commercial Manager at RES – Nordics, highlighted the increasing need for energy storage in Sweden. Moreover, he emphasized the significance of projects like the one in Alingsås and Elektra in Landskrona especially in shaping smarter energy systems.

Rickard Bern, CEO of Alingsås Energi, on the other hand, expressed satisfaction in attracting such investment to the municipality. The battery storage project plan is a step towards creating favourable conditions for the ongoing green transition. The battery storage facility will serve as a vital resource in the local grid, ensuring energy supply stability for the residents.

Sweden’s energy storage market has experienced significant growth in the past year as developers seek to capitalize on ancillary services revenues and future opportunities in energy trading and capacity markets. Various projects have been announced, including those from Axpo and Nybro Energi.

Projects not directly associated with DNOs may not provide specific commercial operation dates. However, they contribute to the country’s expanding pipeline of battery energy storage systems.