E18 Western Corridor Project: Contract for construction of New E18 Motorway in Oslo awarded

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As part of the Western Corridor project, a contract has been awarded for the construction of the New E18 Motorway in Oslo. Skanska was awarded the contract by the Norwegian Road Authority for NOK 4.6 billion. The contract will be included in Skanska’s order bookings for the second quarter of this year. This project is part of the larger E18 Western Corridor development. The larger project aims to create a comprehensive main motorway system between Lysaker in Bærum and Drengsrud in the municipality of Asker.

The scope of the contract entails designing and constructing a new motorway with 2×3 lanes. It covers a distance of 2.3 kilometres between Fornebukrysset and Strand. It also includes the construction of a continuous cycle route along the entire section and a local access road to the Fornebu area. Additionally, the project involves building two tunnels, the 660-meter Høvik Tunnel and the 440-meter Gjønnes Tunnel. Furthermore, they will be tasked with modifications in the nearby local road systems to incorporate pedestrian and cycle paths.

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Start and completion of the construction of the new E18 Motorway in Oslo

The current section of the E18 motorway has been plagued by traffic congestion. It also has limited public transportation access and significant noise and air pollution problems. As part of the project, Skanska will ensure compliance with all necessary environmental standards. Furthermore, it will seek BREEAM Infrastructure certification at the “Excellent” level.

Construction is set to commence in a few months, with completion expected by early 2030. Throughout the project, Skanska will prioritize environmental considerations and work towards mitigating the existing issues of traffic congestion and pollution, ultimately improving transportation infrastructure in the Oslo region.