Plans submitted for Eystrasalt offshore wind farm in Sweden

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A permit application has been submitted for the 3.9 GW Eystrasalt offshore wind farm in Sweden. The application for the construction of what would be the country’s largest offshore wind farm was submitted by Skyborn Renewables to  Swedish authorities.

“The application has been led by four years of diligent work and in-depth project area research. Among other tasks, sea measurements of depth conditions and geophysics, bottom surveys, sampling, test fishing, and bird inventories by boat have been performed to get as good a basis as possible for the application”, stated Fredrik Hallander, Project Manager for Eystrasalt Offshore.

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The Eystrasalt offshore wind farm to supply 10% of Sweden’s electricity needs

The facility is set to be built at the Swedish economic zone in the Bothnian Sea approximately 60 kilometers off the coast of Gävleborg. According to the developer, the project area was selected due to the favorable sea depth and wind conditions. It was also due to its proximity to both northern Sweden and Finland.

The 3.9 GW Eystrasalt offshore wind farm will have about 256 wind turbines capable of generating 15 TWh of electricity annually. The facility will supply 10% of Sweden’s current electricity needs.

According to Skyborn Renewables, this is the first offshore wind farm in Sweden for which a permit has been requested in a region north of Stockholm.

Olle Hedberg, CEO of Skyborn Sweden, stated, “The Eystrasalt offshore wind farm project is the first north of Stockholm to end up on the government’s table. Thus, it plays a crucial role in swiftly satisfying the demand for new power from the business world. We see that offshore wind power is particularly well-suited in northern Sweden. This is due to the systemic advantages of hydropower’s regulating ability, which creates stability.”