Port of Townsville Channel Upgrade: $1.5 Million Contract Awarded

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Port of Townsville’s grand $251 million Channel Upgrade project has just awarded a critical $1.5 million contract to CivilPlus Constructions Pty Ltd. This initiative aims to pave the way for a brighter, more accessible future for the Port of Townsville.

The Eastern Breakwater is a crucial part of the Port’s intricate web of shipping channels. To ensure that larger vessels can effortlessly glide into the Port, CivilPlus Constructions is all set to shorten the breakwater. This act, akin to pulling back the curtains, will allow for channel widening at the coastal end of the Port’s extensive 14.9km shipping channels. CivilPlus Constructions will embark on a journey that involves shortening the breakwater, which will pave the way for a brighter, more accessible future for the Port of Townsville.

The Townsville Channel Upgrade project is part of a colossal 30-year, $1.6 billion Port Expansion Project. The next three decades promise to be an exciting voyage, with dreams of reclaiming 158 hectares of port land, building six spanking new berths, and establishing vital infrastructure. This will steer trade into new waters, fostering a three-fold growth across a vast spectrum of new and existing industries.

The mastermind behind this venture is none other than the Port of Townsville’s General Manager of Project Delivery, David McLoughlin. His visionary leadership underscores the Port’s commitment to harnessing local talents and expertise, fuelling its growth engine. In Mr McLoughlin’s words, “Port of Townsville is all about supporting the home team. We’ve invested a cool $14.3 million in Townsville and Lucinda-based businesses, and a solid one-third of our total expenses last fiscal year went to small and medium-sized businesses.”

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Port of Townsville Channel Upgrade: A Brighter Future for the Port

Speaking of local heroes, CivilPlus Constructions takes centre stage. It’s great to hear about the dedication of this Townsville-owned business. They have been delivering top-notch results in marine projects for nearly two decades. Their dedicated team is removing 10,000 cubic meters of material, trimming around 70 meters from the breakwater. This aids capital dredging in the port’s inner harbour. To fortify this revamped breakwater, CivilPlus will also place approximately 5,000 tons of brand-new armour rock. The icing on the cake? This rock is sourced from local quarries in Townsville and Ravenswood, keeping things close to home.

But it’s not just about construction; it’s about bolstering the local community. CivilPlus Constructions is all set to provide jobs for up to 15 full and part-time positions for Townsville’s workforce. As a local Townsville company, this project is more than construction; it’s about creating job opportunities. We’re looking at ten full-time positions within Townsville and potentially up to five part-time roles.”

Mark your calendars for November 2, 2023, as this is when the curtain rises on the shortening of the Eastern Breakwater. The work will be carried out during daylight hours, Monday to Friday, and is anticipated to take about ten weeks. The best part? There will be no disruptions to shipping during this time, ensuring that the Port of Townsville continues to function seamlessly.

The $251 million Channel Upgrade project is a collaborative effort funded by the Australian and Queensland Governments, and the Port of Townsville through the Townsville City Deal. This partnership is setting the sails for a prosperous and thriving future. The Port of Townsville is gearing up for a voyage that will reshape its destiny. Get ready for this remarkable transformation!