Post 6-Year Delay; Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal Nears Opening

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The highly-anticipated, Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal is confirmed to open soon after a 6-year long delay. Construction works began in 2012, while completion was for, by 2017. The development, however, encountered various challenges that led to a temporary, but extended stall. Nevertheless, the terminal as per reports is currently scheduled for inauguration by late 2023.

Quite interestingly, the project’s goal to commence operations aligns with the UAE National Day. According to reports, the project, designed by KPF, aims to begin operations on December 2.

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Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal Total Area

In total, the Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal spans 700,000 square meters, As a whole, the development boasts a value of $2.94 billion (10.8 billion dirhams). Furthermore, it will have the capacity to accommodate well up to 11,000 passengers per hour. At an estimate, it is said to cater up to 30 million passengers annually, upon completion.

Back in 2019, Bryan Thompson, former CEO, made an announcement, confirming that the project was 97% complete. Furthermore, he said that the development had incorporated the use of technology to transform the digital journey for travelers. Additionally, he revealed that the project’s scope of work was inclusive of a road tunnel that connects it to the existing terminal. This, in turn, will lead to a better simplification of passenger transfers, providing a more seamless experience.

In preparation for the opening of the Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal, Etihad Aviation Group (EAG) and Abu Dhabi Airports formed a partnership in 2020. According to WAM, the purpose of the collaborative partnership was to train 17,000 employees in total. The training program, known as FIT, also plans to provide a seamless transition into work for the employees. Bryan Thompson stated that the program plays an instrumental role in ensuring operational readiness as well as smooth airport activities. Conclusively, he said that the program will thoroughly familiarize, induct and train (FIT), the employees to efficiently operate the terminal.