President Jokowi Unveils Tangguh Train 3, Ushering in a New Era of Energy Security

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President Joko Widodo launched Tangguh Train 3, an important project for the country. Tangguh which is situated at Teluk Bintuni, Papua Barat, Indonesia is the country’s biggest producer of gas and it serves a critical energy purpose within the country. Almost a third of national natural gas production is estimated to be accounted for by this project.

Finally, on October 18th, President Widodo opened Train 3’s commercial operation. The occasion reinforced the fact that Tangguh contributes towards ensuring that the country’s energy is safe. This highly publicized event attracted several high ranking officials like the minister of energy, minister of investment and BP executive VP-Arifin Tasirf, Bahlil Lahadalia, and Anja-Isabel Dotzenr, etc.

Tasrif affirmed that “Tangguh LNG is the largest gas producer in Indonesia, and train 3 would bring extra gas to Indonesia.” Then he continued on how the project supports people from Papua through creation of job vacancies among others for 5450 of them

Dotzenrath added, “We welcome the President for launching Tangguh Train 3. This place is world class and most of its workers are from Papua. Indonesia’s support to their energy means much for us.”

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Tangguh Train 3: Paving the Way for Indonesia’s Energy Future

Tangguh relies on the completion of Train 3, and it is expected that Indonesia will enjoy clean energy for 14 years. A third of Tangguh’s production reaches households which account for about 18 million domestic consumers. On October 18, 2023, Train 3 sent out its first LNG shipment to PLN.

The visit was very important seeing it was the first of its kind for president Widodo. That is 3000km from jakarta and there are no direct flights. Forty years ago, Tangguh embarked on its journey by winning the Berau PSC in 1987. The visit by President Widodo to Tangguh indeed was big since it happened for the very first one. It’s far from Jakarta (3000 km) and there is no direct flight.

In his talk, President Joko Widodo talked about what’s coming next for Tangguh. The UCC Project, another big project for the country. It’s not just about developing the area special tech, like CCUS, to help reduce Tangguh’s greenhouse gas emissions. This matches Indonesia’s goal of having no net emissions by 2060 or even sooner.

By revealing Tangguh Train 3, President Jokowi has started a new and important part of energy production. Indonesia’s dedication to being creative in the whole world is not about making energy.