Qatar’s Football Stadium In Northern Syria Officially Complete

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Qatar’s Football Stadium In Northern Syria has officially completed construction works, as confirmed by Qatar Charity. The development, located in the countryside of Aleppo in northern Syria, is at the Zoghra camp.

As a whole, the project forms part of Qatar Charity‘s ongoing initiatives that strive to provide a healthy and stimulating environment. Moreover, the organization noted that it aims to provide safety for both children and youth.

The director of the Youth and Sports Office highlighted that the stadium received positive responses. Furthermore, Adnan Al Essa said that nearby areas surrounding the camp expressed excitement, with sports as one of the main outlet activities in the region. 

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Qatar’s Football Stadium In Northern Syria’s Overall Goal

While commenting on Qatar’s Football Stadium In Northern Syria, an official said that it targets to develop the sports and social skills of its players. The Director of the Emergency and Relief Department at Qatar Charity also said that its design will encourage improvement in the psychological and physical conditions of the youth group. This in turn, Khaled Al Yafei stated, will lead to the youth becoming pioneers and active contributors to society. On the other hand, the Director of Zoghara camp said that it spans the camp’s perimeter of more than 25 kilometers. Thus, the development offers a spacious avenue for the youth’s energies to be redirected.

In attendance at the stadium’s inauguration were representatives from the Turkish Disaster Relief Agency. In addition to representatives from the local council of the city of Azaz. At the inauguration, the field coordinator of Qatar Charity Projects noted the football field, in particular, serves two major purposes. Alongside, sporting activities, Hassan Al-Abed also said it is also a dedicated meeting place for the youth and community.