Qiddiya E-sports Stadium Takes Shape as Its Ambitious Project Design is Unveiled

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Qiddiya Investment Company has revealed its ambitious plans to construct Qiddiya e-sports stadium, the first of its kind. The scope of the project includes ensuring the enormous center is constructed in the heart of Qiddiya City. The scope also entails the comprising of four e-sports venues which includes an e-sports stadium.  The project aspires to be the world’s first multi-use e-sports and gaming arena themed with other social amenities such as hotels. It will also include indoor sites retail shops and venues. It is one of the mega projects that is being developed under the Saudi Kingdom’s Vision 2030 plan. It will include an e-sports arena and gaming district which is expected to attract the gaming market.

The Qiddiya e-sports stadium is also a key component of Saudi Arabia’s national strategy for e-sports and gaming. The Saudi Kingdom sees the fast-growing potential of the gaming and e-sports arena and aims to tap into it. The project aims to develop a place that can host major e-sporting events and tournaments. This will also attract people to Qiddiya City which will be a world-renowned center for learning, living, and competing in gaming.  The city will not only attract gaming professionals but also encompass gaming enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds.

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Qiddiya E-sports Stadium will Center On Creating an Immersive E-sports Experience for its Audience

Qiddiya E-sports stadium’s design for the main arena aims to center on creating a fantasy world for its fans. This will provide a completely new perspective and immersive nature for the gaming community. The stadium’s design includes two concourses wrapping around the seating bowl. This will offer unique functions and designs for the e-sports arena audience. It also includes a centralized arcade with zones for gaming and entertainment. The podium space for the arena will cover 500,000 square meters of area in anticipation of hosting its audience. Qiddiya e-sports stadium is projected to make Qiddiya city a landmark operations base for thirty video game companies.