Construction Begins on Riverfront Amphitheater: What You Need to Know

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The long-awaited Riverfront Amphitheater construction has begun,  Wednesday marked a major milestone for the city, ushering in a new era for live entertainment. With the Richmond Coliseum closed and only sporadic events held at the Raceway, the highly anticipated new 7,500-capacity venue along the riverfront aims to fill a void in the local music scene when it opens in the summer of 2025.

With Coran Capshaw, at the helm serving as the CEO of Red Light Management, the Riverfront Amphitheater is poised to be a hub of culture for Richmond locals and a sought after spot for renowned national touring acts. Capshaw, known for his achievements with venues such as the Ting Pavilion in Charlottesville and the Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville envisions this amphitheater as a cherished haven for music lovers and a catalyst for change, in Richmond’s entertainment scene.

Riverfront Amphitheater Construction Cost

The construction of the Riverfront Amphitheater, which costs $30 million is currently, in progress. The project is being led by Martin Horn, the contractor with assistance from local companies like Conquest, Moncure & Dunn. The architectural design is being handled by 3North, a Richmond based firm known for their brilliance in this field. The engineering expertise for the project comes from TRC, a Henrico based company. Philip Goodpasture, an attorney from Williams Mullen played a role in ensuring that all parties involved had a unified vision for the project through negotiations, with the city.

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Riverfront Amphitheater Economic Impact

As the construction progresses the Riverfront amphitheater is set to hold 30 concerts every year creating a schedule of live music events throughout the summer. Apart, from its projected impact of over $30 million the venue aims to be a flexible space for various civic activities such, as graduation ceremonies, public discussions and cultural programs sponsored by the city.

Involvement of the Community

In order to establish a presence, within the community the Riverfront amphitheater intends to join forces with food vendors from Richmond for concession stands. Additionally it is committed to embracing sustainability measures outlined in Nations Green Nation program. This includes objectives, like minimizing the use of single use plastics and promoting recycling and composting initiatives.

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Over the years popular touring artists have often chosen venues in cities, like Charlottesville, Virginia Beach and Northern Virginia of Richmond. However, the Riverfront Amphitheater construction is looking to reverse this trend by attracting these known performers to showcase their talent within Richmond itself. Although the first event is still a secret there is anticipation to discover which act will have the honor of inaugurating this venue.

Riverfront Amphitheater construction is poised to bring an exhilarating chapter to Richmond’s music scene. Situated in a location, along the riverfront and led by the Coran Capshaw, a prominent figure in the industry this venue has the capacity to accommodate 7,500 enthusiastic fans. It’s perfectly positioned to attract top tier artists and bring our community together through the magic of music. We eagerly anticipate 2025, when Richmond will truly shine as a premier tour stop for some of the artists, in the nation.

Apart, from organizing music events the Riverfront Amphitheater will also function as a space for community gatherings. This includes hosting graduation ceremonies, public discussions and cultural events sponsored by the city. It aims to enhance the existing Richmond events such, as the Richmond Folk Festival and Friday Cheers.