Rwandan Hotel and Golf Course To Be Constructed Under Districts Partnership at a cost of Rwf 30 bn

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Rwandan Hotel and Golf Course construction plans have been set up after the three districts of Muhanga, Kamonyi, and Ruhango partner in the Southern province to combine their forces in finding a contractor for the construction of the luxurious five-star hotel that will comprise of a total of 100 rooms.
The decision of building the hotel is as a result of the districts’ wide recognition of the many cultural tourism opportunities that is within their boundaries.
For the purpose of the Rwandan Hotel and Golf Course construction project, the three districts have decided to set up a Public Private Partnership company called “RMK Ltd.”
Kharfan Twagiramutara who is currently the Chairperson of the Company pointed out by stating that the construction and setting up of the hotel was going to approximately cost $30 million and will be set up on a 17.8-hectare plot in Muhanga district.
This whole process of construction is expected to take at least 16 months from the signing of the contract. Twagiramutara also stated that they had previously secured themselves a contractor for the project of the hotel but later after conducting thorough vetting of the contractor they came to find out and conclude that the company was not up to the standards of meeting their requirements and are now seeking for a competitive contractor for the project.

Rwandan Hotel and Golf Course tender details

Furthermore, he pointed out that the Rwandan Hotel and Golf Course construction project would be conducted using the “Pre-finance in procurement for complex works or tenders” approach. This approach implies that the contractor will have to use their own funds and resources and will be gradually paid back over the long term period upon completion of the project. Lastly he also added by saying that there were already contractors who have shown interest in this approach of the Rwanda Hotel and Golf Course construction project.

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Twagiramutara got to insist that this hotel project is a fulfillment of one of the presidential pledges to the residents who stay in the region. Additionally, he stated that the very same contractor of the project might be awarded a contract that will entail the construction of a Rwf135 billion soccer stadium. This hotel is foreseen to showcase and display the rich historical and cultural one of a kind heritage that is found in the Southern province
Other than the 100 rooms, the hotel is going to consist of conference rooms, a single business center, one fitness center, a health hub, and a mini-golf course within its 17.8-hectare premises.
A notification by the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) pointed out that the chosen contractor is going to be fully responsible for reviewing the study, carrying out of preliminary works such as providing water, electricity, and internet, conducting the tasks of finishing and construction, as well as providing and installing the required furniture and equipment of the hotel.
In addition, the contractor is going to oversee the installment of necessary high-tech equipment, perform electrical and mechanical work, and handle landscaping, among other responsibilities.
The facilities in the hotel are also going to consist of an open pool system, sports amenities, a mini-golf course, a playground for children, a well-equipped CCTV system, an amphitheater and more.

Contractors who are going to show interest will be required to demonstrate a minimum of eight years of proven experience and a good successful track record in delivering high-quality, modern hotel projects, along with financial ability and access to funds and resources.

They will also be required to make a down payment of 30 percent of the overall total project cost immediately after the hotel’s commissioning. The rest 70 percent will be repaid back to the contractor over an agreed-upon period, this will be inclusive of an added interest on top.