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Kigali Paramount Hotel to be established in Rwanda

To support its hospitality and tourism programs, Mount Kenya University (MKU) Rwanda is establishing the Kigali Paramount Hotel. The facility is modeled after Kenya’s Utalii College.

The name of the hotel was revealed at a book launch recently at the university’s main campus. The launch was also attended by Simon Gicharu, the school’s founder and chairman. 

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The 40-room Kigali Paramount Hotel is being built close to Royal FM, a radio station that MKU Rwanda also operates out of its Kagarama headquarters on the outskirts of Kigali. The hotel aspires to be like Utalii College, asserts Mr. Benson Abuto, who heads MKU Rwanda’s Hospitality and Tourism Department.

Abuto stated that he envisaged their department, backed by the hotel, fulfilling a similar role to the Kenya Utalii College: training for the region.

Reasons for establishing the Kigali Paramount Hotel

In 2010, Mount Kenya University, which had its origins as a Thika-based technology institute, extended into Rwanda. Since then, it has steadily grown into a recognized university with a world-class main campus that attracts thousands of students.

The journey that the institution has taken was detailed in the book that was launched at the recent event. According to the book, the university’s move to establish itself in Rwanda was inspired by inquiries from Rwandan citizens in addition to the interest in the country sown into Simon Gicharu’s heart by an excellent (Rwandese) teacher.

The title of the 178-page coffee-table book is Mountain Meets Land of 1,000 Hills. It was created by the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at MKU Rwanda. The book should motivate Africans to document the stories of their continent, Mr. Gicharu noted during the book’s launch.

From the perspective of Rwanda, he stated that they wanted to share the story of Mount Kenya University Rwanda’s establishment.

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  1. Greetings I’m Umutoniwase Aliane one of your student at MKUR IN BACHELOR’S DEGREES IN HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM MANAGEMENT
    since 2019 and I was there from one day to building this amazing kigali paramount hotel and
    I had wishes to be one of employees of it and I believe that will happen in benediction of God therefore the skills and knowledge I found in MKUR gives me opportunity to be qualified in different hotels and Restaurants here in Rwanda , so it will be pressed to work in Kigali paramount hotel thank you.


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