RWE AG Commissions 10 MW Solar Farm in Spain

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RWE AG a German energy group continues to strengthen its renewable energy portfolio, recently commissioning a 10-MW alternating current (AC) solar farm named Las Vaguadas in the Badajoz province of Spain. This ground-mounted solar farm consists of 20,000 solar panels spread over approximately 15 hectares (37.1 acres). RWE utilized bifacial panels, known for their ability to absorb solar radiation from both sides, enhancing overall production.

The Las Vaguadas solar farm joins the group’s other solar projects in Spain, including the Casa Valdes and Puerta del Sol solar farms, both with a capacity of 44 MW each, and the ongoing Gazules project in Andalusia, set to result in two solar farms, each with a capacity of 46 MW. Altogether, RWE’s commitment to solar in Spain amounts to around 250 megawatts, collectively supplying energy to thousands of homes in the region.

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Katja Wünschel, CEO RWE Renewables Europe & Australia, highlighted the success of solar power in Spain, emphasizing the completion of multiple solar farms and the ongoing Gazules project. The integration of approximately 500,000 bifacial solar modules across these ventures underscores RWE’s dedication to renewable energy in the Spanish market.

Notably, RWE Renewables Iberia, a subsidiary of RWE, already operates onshore wind capacity of approximately 490 MW in Spain. Furthermore, RWE is in the commissioning phase of its Orkoien onshore wind project near Pamplona, aiming to test innovative sustainable technologies. Building on its existing onshore and solar ventures, RWE is looking to venture into the Spanish offshore market in collaboration with Ferrovial. The strategic partnership aims to jointly develop, construct, and operate floating offshore wind farms off the Spanish coast.

RWE’s consistent expansion and investment in solar and wind projects affirm its commitment to sustainable energy and align with broader global efforts to transition towards cleaner energy sources, reduce carbon footprints, and secure a more sustainable future.