Ksh 900 Million Malaba Water Project Nears Completion

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Malaba Water Project which is currently being conducted by the National Government and shall be of benefit to more than 80,000 residents in the Busia region is now in its last stage of completion. This project is a way of showing commitment by the national government to providing access to clean water for both agricultural and domestic use.

The Rift Valley Regional Director for the National Government Development-County Implementation Coordination and Management Committee (NGD-CICMC), Olando Sitati, during a visit to inspect the Malaba Water Project, pointed out that the project would be completed in order to fulfill the manifesto of the government of delivering clean water at every household.

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The town of Malaba is among the municipalities with no sewerage systems. This water project when complete is foreseen to address the drainage and sanitation problems which have been quite an issue in the border town. The key parts of the project that entail piping and compensation of the land owners where the water pipes have passed have already been completed making the project 98% complete in terms of connectivity.

Malaba Water Project Commissioning Date

The water project cost a total of Sh. 900 million has been deemed to be 95% complete and shall be commissioned by President William Ruto at the beginning of the month of October. Sitati also urged the residents of Busia County and Bungoma County to warmly embrace the water project as they will be the major beneficiaries of it. Once the project is finished, it will be handed over to the County Government of Busia and will be run by the Busia Water and Sewerage Company (BUWASCO). The contract engineers of the Central Rift Valley Works Development Agency were also able to confirm that the construction works of the Malaba Water Project were nearing completion.