First Rashidun Caliph Mosque opened in Sharjah, UAE

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The first Rashidun Caliph Mosque in Sharjah, UAE, has been opened by Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad al Qassimi, Sharjah Ruler in Al Khan. The building’s capacity can reportedly accommodate up to 1,300 people. It spans a total area of 3,353.6 square meters.

The mosque features two minarets, that are, each 60 meters long. Furthermore, it is characterized by four circular domes. As a whole, its unique features give the mosque a distinctive engineering character. 

In attendance at the project’s inauguration was the Director of Sharjah Awqaf, Saeed al Raqbani. Alongside, the Special Advisor to the Ruler of Fujairah, Humaid al qatami as well as several heads of government departments.

Building new mosques such as Rashidun Caliph Mosque in Sharjah and maintaining the existing ones

While speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Dr. Salem al doubi addressed the importance of building and maintaining mosques.

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In 2020, Saudi Arabia was responsible for the renovation of 30 mosques across ten regions. The initiative’s implementation was under phase 1 of the Mohammed bin Salman project. It included the development and refurbishment of mosques with a total cost of SAR50 million ($13.3 million). 

Recently the Department of Islamic Affairs (DIA) in Sharjah opened the Al saadia mosque. In addition, a total of about 15 new mosques are set to open in Sharjah in the coming days. Furthermore, five more mosques will be opened before the end of Ramadhan. All of the religious landmarks will feature a variety of architectural styles as well as designs.

The department’s maintenance teams will conduct inspection tours, to ensure thorough hygiene. As a part of the department’s 2023 plans, the launches will further see the opening of more mosques across the country. Thus far, and as per the statistics of 2021, Sharjah has about 3000 mosques.