Plans announced for development of one-of-a-kind Aero Plaza in India

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Plans have been revealed for the construction of a one-of-a-kind Aero Plaza in India. The plans were revealed by Mohali (Punjabi) based leading real estate developer, Shudh Gold. 

Right along International Airport Road on PR 7, the commercial project spans five acres. While commenting on the project, the Director of Aero Plaza noted that it will feature skilful as well as spacious design by architect Tricity- The Design Studio.

Rajinder Manktale further said that the project is aiming for top construction quality alongside timely delivery when it comes to its development. “Customer satisfaction is a paramount gauge for the project’s success,” the Director said conclusively.

An official statement noted that the project will be ready for fit-outs within the next 2 years at an estimated value is Rs 256 Crore.

Aim for the one-of-a-kind Aero Plaza in India

Alongside commercial shops, the development on GMADA Aero City, Mohali will also offer showrooms that include all necessities. It will thus greatly contribute towards capital appreciation for investors in addition to providing rental income to interested entities. 

By 2030, the Indian real estate market is expected to reach about US$1 trillion. Back in 2021, the market recorded a total value of US$200 million. As for the commercial real estate market, global investment gradually increased with the relaxation of the FDI policy. In fact, foreign investments within the commercial office sector increased between 2017-2921 to USD 10.3 billion.

In extension and as a result, there has been a gradual increase in demand for grade-A office spaces. Thus, commercial developments such as the Aero Plaza Project plays a significant role in the sector’s growth.

Furthermore, the government pioneered the National Industrial Corridor Development Programme aimed towards developing brand-new industrial cities. More especially, ‘smart’ cities across infrastructure sectors would be able to deliver the best investment and manufacturing destinations.