Cape Town’s Mega Clothing and Textile Distribution center Nearing November Completion

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The City of Cape Town’s economic development division is rejoicing over the imminent finalization of a Mega clothing and textile distribution center for Truworths International Limited, the largest one in the Western Cape.

Economic growth Mayco member James Vos shared this update on Tuesday, following his visit to the King Air Industria site near Cape Town International Airport. He expressed that this economic initiative highlights the city’s commitment to promoting and facilitating lucrative developments in Cape Town.

“Our commitment to transform the metro into the most business-friendly location in Africa is yielding results. In fact, as per a recent FNB report on the factors motivating commercial property owners to invest in a specific region, the availability of dependable services was frequently mentioned as a key reason for relocation,” stated Vos.

He added that the International distribution center is a collaborative effort between King Air Industria and Truworths, with an anticipated completion date in November.

King Air Industria, the developer behind this industrial park, is a joint venture between Atterbury Property and Old Mutual Property, as confirmed by the City.

Cape Town’s Mega Clothing and Textile facility size

Mega Clothing and Textile Distribution will encompass a warehouse spanning 50,000 square meters and an office space of 3,000 square meters, totaling 53,000 square meters, which is equivalent to the size of five-and-a-half rugby fields. The construction required approximately 750 tons of steel, which is equivalent to the weight of 125 African elephants.

Gerrit van den Berg, Head of Atterbury Property Western Cape Developments, expressed gratitude for the City of Cape Town’s support and emphasized their commitment to contributing to the economy of the city through their investments in King Air Industria and Truworths.

Vos said Cape Town was the ideal location for the distribution centre, as the metro was the historic home of the clothing and textile industry.

“In 2023, retailers projected to have sourced 368 million garments from the South African industry, supporting over 60 000 formal manufacturing jobs. Through the City’s partnership with and funding of the Cape Clothing and Textile Cluster, we drive strategic upgrading initiatives with representation across the value chain from retail through to SMMEs,” he said.

Vos said one of the cluster’s projects, the Business Accelerator Programme, had resulted in the signing of contracts worth millions of rand in the past year.

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