Enernet Global signs 12MW Solar Power Purchase Deal with Vedanta Zinc International in South Africa

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In Cape Town, South Africa, on September 7, 2023, Independent Power Producer Enernet Global (Enernet) has entered into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to construct, possess, manage, and sustain 12MW Solar Power Purchase Deal with Vedanta Zinc International’s (VZI) Black Mountain Mining operations situated in South Africa’s Northern Cape region.

The facility Is expected to produce around 29 gigawatt hours of electricity each year, offsetting a portion of the existing Eskom power supply. This action will result in a reduction of approximately 12,244 tonnes of carbon emissions annually compared to Eskom’s supply.

Enernet specializes in owning and managing hybrid power systems tailored for mining and industrial enterprises, with the primary goal of cutting expenses, minimizing emissions, and enhancing reliability. The company currently oversees a total capacity of over 140MW, encompassing operational, under-construction, contracted, or awarded projects, with 60MW of this capacity situated within Africa.

Bart Haverkamp, Enernet’s Managing Director for Africa, expressed enthusiasm about the company’s enduring partnership with Vedanta in the pursuit of decarbonization goals. They look forward to collaborating closely on the renewable energy roadmap, its various phases, and its implementation.

Commencement date for the 12MW Solar Power

Construction is slated to commence in the initial quarter of 2024 and is projected to be finalized in approximately 9 months. Additionally, the Project will contribute to the creation of both direct and indirect employment opportunities in the Khâi-Ma municipal area and the Namakwa District, both during the construction phase and throughout the 25-year operational lifespan of the facility.

“At VZI, our primary focus revolves around ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles. As part of our commitment to contribute positively to the planet, we’ve set ambitious targets, including a 35,000-ton reduction in carbon emissions and a transition to 76% renewable energy by 2027. Ultimately, we aspire to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040. Our collaboration with Enernet on this 12MW Solar Power Deal with Vedanta Zinc International is a significant step towards achieving these goals, promoting emission reduction, and strengthening energy reliability and security,” stated Pushpender Singla, VZI’s Executive Director & CFO.

VZI remains dedicated to decarbonizing its operations through its Renewables Energy Programme, and it is now advancing into Phase 2. This phase involves the transmission of energy from offsite generation, utilizing the Eskom transmission line to offset power consumption at its Gamsberg Mining operation. Phase 3, which focuses on the expansion of Gamsberg Phase II, is currently in its preliminary stages.

Paul Matthews, CEO of Enernet, expressed their appreciation for collaborating with Vedanta. As a specialist in hybrid power solutions for mining and industrial companies across Africa, Australia, and the. Caribbean, they take pride in contributing to the efforts of mining companies in transitioning towards decarbonization and achieving their net-zero goals.

Singla concludes by stating, “We are thrilled to embark on our journey towards decarbonization, aiming for carbon neutrality and the promotion of eco-friendly zinc production. We remain steadfast in our commitment to ESG principles, which not only benefit the environment but also open doors for opportunities and community development in the regions where we are active.”

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