Construction of South Africa and Mozambique border wall to resume

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The construction of a concrete wall along the border of South Africa and Mozambique is set to resume. This decision was made recently by the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government as part of its measures to put a stop to vehicle theft, as well as the movement of illicit goods.

The project, the cost of which is approximately R86 million was stalled as a result of the pending investigation into the R85.7 million contract that KZN Department of Transport had awarded to ISF Construction and Shula Construction.

At the time, R48 million had already been paid for the construction of the 8km South Africa and Mozambique border wall. The contractor had only installed 166 meters of jersey barriers.

South Africa and Mozambique border wall to contribute significantly to the fight against crime

According to the Provincial Executive Council, anti-crime activities are expected to intensify in the KwaZulu-Natal province. It is said that fighting crimes along the border is on the agenda. In most cases, smuggling and vehicle theft occurs along the shared border with Mozambique.

The Council stated that the government’s efforts to address the upsurge of cross-border criminal activities have been strengthened. This comes after exco’s decision for the Transport Department to re-commence the concrete wall’s construction.

It is expected that the concrete wall will be established between the uMkhanyakude District and the Mozambique border. The council also claimed that the Transport Department assessed the project’s status. After the assessment, it developed a resumption schedule for the crime-combating construction activity following the termination of the initial contractor.

According to the council, it will continue to fight crime with the aim of ensuring safety, and justice within and beyond the borders of the province.

In the last quarter of 2020, R50 million was committed by the KZN Department of Roads and Transport, to manufacture as well as position 156 units of concrete barriers along South Africa’s and Mozambique’s borders. The department partnered with the National Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (DWPI).