Construction of St Lawrence University beach soccer complex in Ndeeba, Uganda, in the offing

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St Lawrence University plans the construction of a classic state-of-art beach soccer complex at its main campus in Ndeeba, Kampala, opposite Kabaka’s Lake. The university management decided to utilize its idle land next to the main football ground to set up the project. This will be the first in Kampala and it will complement the existing facilities at FUFA Technical Center. The existing facilities are in Njeru, Mutoola Beach and in Entebbe.

Dr Charles Masaba, Vice Chancellor of St Lawrence University revealed plans to support sports development in institutions, especially beach soccer. “I applaud the members of the St Lawrence University Beach soccer team. Thank you for your diligence and commitment. As a university, we are focused towards supporting the growth of sports here and beach soccer in particular.” The vice chancellor lauded.

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Expectations of the state-of-art St Lawrence University beach soccer complex in Ndeeba

The project is anticipated to be completed in 2024. The complex will include a 2,000-seat beach soccer field, stadium, and training centre. The beach soccer field will be the first of its kind in East Africa. Additionally, the facility will become a major destination for professional beach soccer teams as well as the international beach soccer community. Moreover, it will also be open to the public for recreational matches.

Importantly, the construction of the complex includes the use of state-of-the-art green technologies. This includes the installation of rainwater harvesting systems, solar panels, and energy-efficient air conditioners. Additionally, the facility will be constructed out of recycled materials.

Additionally, the local population, particularly youth, will be empowered to engage in the sport and create opportunities to develop their skills. Moreover, the construction of the complex will create jobs, improve the local economy, and benefit the entire country.