Sweden to Electrify a Section of the E20 Motorway

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Sweden plans to electrify a 21km section of the E20 motorway, enabling on-the-go charging for electric vehicles (EVs). The ambitious project, led by Trafikverket, aims to establish a 3,000km network of mobile charging by 2035. This innovative initiative not only extends the EV range. It also reduces battery size by up to 70%, as proven by recent Swedish research.

The E20 motorway project focuses on industrial vehicles covering longer distances and requiring larger batteries. However, it can also benefit electric bikes and cars. Germany is concurrently conducting a similar trial on the A5 motorway. Trafikverket intends to test the entire electric road system, including services, payments, and access, on the chosen 13km pilot network between Hallsberg and Örebro.

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Sweden’s E20 Motorway’s Electrification Revolution: Charging EVs on the Move

The selected stretch is set for completion by 2026. It also meets criteria such as road type, traffic volumes, and environmental considerations. Located strategically in the logistics triangle, Örebro and Hallsberg offer the potential for large-scale expansion of electric roads. The E20 motorway segment provides an optimal testing ground, bordering open areas and wind farms. It also has stable traffic volumes and a junction-free design.

Trafikverket‘s procurement phase is underway, and updates on the trial’s progress are expected in 2024. Sweden’s commitment to sustainable transport solutions through the electrification of the E20 motorway sets the stage for a future driven by decarbonization and innovative mobility.

As Sweden paves the way for electrification, the E20 project marks a significant step toward revolutionizing transportation and reducing carbon emissions. By integrating on-the-move charging capabilities, Sweden sets an inspiring example for other nations to follow in their pursuit of sustainable mobility. The electrification of roads promises a cleaner, greener future for all, with EVs playing a central role in shaping a more environmentally conscious transportation landscape.