Talks with Siemens for the Development of a Tramway in Luanda

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The capital city of Angola will soon get its first tramway line in Luanda. All that is expected of this project is for the partnership between the Angolan government as well as the German firm Siemens to be legitimized at the moment.
In order to adjust the current population growth with ecological friendly transport infrastructures, Angola seeks to promote alternative measures towards sustainable development.

First it is planning to provide Luanda, its capital with a tramway that already has an increasing population of over nine million individuals. A deal is also being worked out between the German engineering group Siemens (through its subsidiary, Siemens Mobility) and the Luanda Light Railway project.

Besides, it will undertake procurement for signalling, telecommunication and traction power supply systems along a 149km stretch and supervision of development and operation of the traffic control system for the future Luanda tramway. This is a Central African country that has traditionally used taxis and buses for transportation and the initiative will be the first of its kind.

Construction cost for the Tramway in Luanda

The first of those double tracks measures around 39km, it costs £1.3 bn and is financed jointly between Angolan’s Ministry of Finance, and from private sector.

The new tracks will include the African Tramways system consisting thirteen urban sections that have been functioning on behalf of fifteen cities in over fifteen countries comprised of Africa. It comprises six functioning lines stretching for about one hundred kilometers and having 155 stations. A sample includes Casabl However, the highest number of stations (172) is recorded for Algeria across northern Africa followed by seven tramways in cities like Aligers, Constantine, Oran and Setif among others. On the contrary, East Africa has been holding its ground ever since 2015 and the Addis Ababa tramway accommodates more than one hundred and twenty thousand passengers in and around the Ethiopian capital.

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