Tanzania Ports Authority to Construct Two Tanzania Oil Storage Tanks

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The Tanzania Ports Authority is set to construct Tanzania Oil Storage Tanks that will be utilized for the storage of oil. These two tanks will be put up at the Dar es Salaam so as to hasten the offloading of oil tankers. This information was revealed by the Dar es Salaam Port Terminal Manager, Engineer Yona Malago on Monday.

According to Engineer Malago, a contractor for the project for the construction of the Tanzania Oil Storage Tanks at the port has already been secured.. The government of Tanzania earmarked funds that will be utilized in the implementation of the project in the fiscal year 2023/2024. Currently, the government of Tanzania does not have any private tanks and they have been depending on the private ones. These two tank farms that will be set up shall reduce the offloading period at the Port of Dar es Salaam from approximately 8-4 days to 2 days. This will also foresee the decrease in waiting charges and the price burden to both oil traders and the end consumers.

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Tanzania Oil Storage Tanks Capacity

These Tanzania Oil Storage Tanks will possess a capacity of 362,000 tonnes. The government of Tanzania has made a big investment by setting up a Single Point Mooring (SPM) that is situated in the Kisinda Mjimwema area in the Indian Ocean that will allow huge oil tankers with a capacity of 50,000-100,000 to offload diesel other than the Kurasini Oil Jetty (KOJ) that usually handles refined products intended for the smaller oil tankers.

The Single Pont Mooring (SPM) is a floating jetty which is located offshore that allows the handling of liquid cargo such as products of petroleum. This handling can be done for both crude and refined oil. Furthermore, major improvements have been undertaken so as to improve the security of the port. This is in regard to the previous theft cases that have been experienced at the port as the citizens claimed that some of their equipment would get stolen from their cars parkrd at the port.