Tarime–Rorya Water Project allocated 134 billion by Tanzanian Government

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Tarime-Rorya Water Project has been allocated 134 billion by the Tanzanian government which will benefit at least 933,818 people when completed.Deputy Secretary of State at the Ministry of Water, Engineer Cyprian Luhemeja, released the statement recently after inspecting the project, which when completed will be used by residents of 32 villages in Rorya district and 81 streets in Tarime district.

Tarime-Rorya Water Project Construction Details

Engineer Luhemeja tasked the Tarime-Rorya Water Project contractor, China Civil Engineering Construction Cooperation Company (CCECC), to complete the project on schedule while keeping an eye on standards and value for money.He was adamant that they would not allow the execution time to be extended by stating that the residents needed water and went ahead asking the contractor to complete the task on time as they hoped  the contractor to deliver this work by April 2025 and would not allow the deadline to be extended.

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Water Department Project Coordinator Eng. Joel Rugemalila said the project is progressing well and he will ensure that the contractor is properly supervised to complete the project on time.”The contract is expected to be concluded within a period of 30 months and executed on time. We expect that when completed, it will largely solve the water problems of the people of Tarime, Rorya and Sirari,” Rugemalila said.He added that the Tarime-Rorya Water Project includes the construction of a water plant capable of producing 29 million liters of water in a day, the construction of a 90-kilometer main pipe, the construction of three water tanks of six million liters in Rorya, one million liters in Sirari and three million liters in Tarime. He also stated that the project also includes the laying of a water supply pipes network for a distance of 20 kilometers and the setting up of three water pumping stations.Furthermore, he also explained that the project aims to improve access to clean and safe water in Rorya district, which is currently 53.4 per cent to hit 90 per cent., on the other hand in Tarime district: the service will increase from 63.4 per cent to more than 95 per cent.