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The Te Ahu a Turanga Highway construction project enters its crucial fourth year of construction in 2024. Crews prepare for another thrilling season on site with several significant milestones within sight. Much of the arduous 11.5 kilometer route through tough Tararua Ranges is on schedule to reach completion in one year from now. With that commitment pushing closer than halfway towards opening at mid-2025 deadline for the massive transport infrastructure project

The $620 million project has proved critics wrong with solid construction headway. However, originally accepted in 2014 under the National government after more than 50 years of debates and delays. The construction phase moves into its second half. Tons of earthworks as well as complicated bridges, structural retaining walls and others have now begun to show clearly across the entire stretch of highway.

The peak summer-autumn construction season is now upon them. 2024 could well be a historic year that establishes the time projection of linking Manawatu with Hawke’s Bay through modern highway. Several viaducts and bridges in the background while attention on road surface itself improves rapidly. This year’s completion on earthworks and pavement layers will also integrate large unbroken parts for the first time. Thus, marking one of the significant accomplishments.

Te Ahu a Turanga Highway Construction at Parahaki Bridge

On the Parahaki Bridge site across the Manawatu River, construction of concrete segments for bridge deck is carried out. This is by a form traveler machine which serves as project’s shape travelling device. The length of each segment is 27m, and its weight exceeds 100tons. This phase has 54 total segments to build the 350 meter bridge and one new segment every ten days. Hence, it is planned until at least end of late 2024. A second form traveler machine will shortly be installed on an adjacent pier to double the efficiency atop bridge deck.

On the opposite side of the river, pre-cast reinforced concrete panels are being placed on piers for 440 meter Eco Viaduct bridge deck. The other key bridge to be completed before year’s end will also undergo the onsite concrete pour for its bridge surface.

When talking about earthworks, hard-working crews have moved 6.5 million cubic meters of the ground since starting this monumental effort in 2021. Currently, bulk earthworks of cut and fill activities will be complete this summer. This will be one of the major achievements in readying for Te Ahu a Turanga highway construction.

Te Ahu a Turanga Highway

Enhancing the Natural Beauty of the Highway: Landscaping Progress

In 2024, construction of pavement will increase rapidly with the growing number of finished earthworks’ areas. Onsite asphalt plants will have a high capacity to produce materials for the road surface along the 18km stretch of this route. Crews will rapidly lay down hundreds of thousands tons of asphalt. All in multiple layers to form an enduring and smooth highway.

From April, landscaping crews will plant an additional 500,00 native trees and shrubs along the highway. Thus, to add with over one million five hundred thousand plants already in soil. Manuka, kanuka, cabbage trees and flaxes are some of the species that will help recreate a natural bush. Landscapers will also preserve historical planting by mulching, weeding and replantation. Hence, to support growth. Overall, the ecological mitigation plans require planting of two million plants. This is to happen all along the road corridor to revive in this region.

Fundraising Success: Bridging Gaps and Building Community Connections

This month’s walk the Highway event attracted about 1500 people, Furthermore, of all ages, to get a closer look at on-going works and support important community groups. The walk of 10km assisted in raising money for the Woodville Lions Club and their school. Hence, hosted a successful community day. The NZTA will continue posting construction updates online and through other community channels to keep the locals involved.

The Woodville library also provides a hub for information. This is about the project, from flyover videos which offer an above ground view of progress. Interactive driving simulators help visitors imagine what it would be like to drive on the completed road. Information exhibits and models provide audiences with a backstage pass to construction milestones. Thus, helping the population stay informed as well as excited that this highway is taking shape. Library personnel have facilitated many connections between the community, and a transformational project that is developing in their home.

Te Ahu a Turanga Highway Project Continues to Thrive

As bulk earthworks come to an end, the attention turns increasingly to completion of bridges new asphalt and increasing landscaping through year’s end. The NZTA anticipates that large connected areas will emerge before opening the highway slated for 2025.

With construction moving at breakneck speed, outreach is a major objective in order to ensure locals stay abreast of the project transforming their area.

Overall, the Te Ahu a Turanga project is still moving on schedule due to crews’ and Manawatū-Tararua stakeholders’, tireless work. With the first vehicles hitting its highway, safety and connectivity would increase as well as commerce in that region.


Despite all difficulties the Te Ahu a Turanga project remains on schedule for completion. This is due to painstaking work of construction teams and continuous cooperation with Manawatu-Tararua stakeholders. The gigantic task has managed hurdles such as COVID-19 interferences through careful conducts and adaptation. Even with several more years to come, the highway maintains its form as bridges span rivers through earthworks sculpting land over and above pavement across plains. The Te Ahu a Turanga highway will provide higher safety, connectivity and commerce to the region when first cars roll along in 2025. This contemporary, resilient road will be widely anticipated by the locals to open when they can reinforce the core of North Island transport network.

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