The 260,000 square Feet Il Teatro Takes Shape as Signature Architect is Selected; A Revolutionary Complex

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UAE-based Arada has made a formal announcement that Japanese architect Tandao Ando will design Il Teatro theatre. Il Teatro is set to be a planned performing arts center for Aljada. The center is also set to be a Sharjah mega project that has been described by the developer as Emirate’s largest “lifestyle community.” Its largest overall development is set to be at 24 million square feet. The Il Teatro is planned to spread across 260,000 square feet once construction commences. The complex will also be anchored by a 2,000-seat performance hall for the audiences. The Il Teatro is also set to include a restaurant and even a gallery space for showcasing the center’s works.

Il Teatro’s varied programming such as dance, film, theatre, concerts and even ballet will be split out from the building. These programs will be hosted into a large multi-level plaza suspended above a large water feature.  The feature will be incorporated as an amphitheater that will accommodate open air performances. The Il Teatro complex will then be fused with the rest of Aljada and lined with other amenities such as cafes and artist studios. The building will also include a dramatic arched entry that is set to be Ando’s signature construction mark. This will establish a connection with the building’s interior and the adjacent plaza.

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Il Teatro is One of the Two Projects That the Mastermind Architect has Been Linked with in the UAE

Il Teatro, which is set to open its doors for completion in 2027, is one of two Ando’s works. The other project that the architect is linked with is the Dubai’s Armani Beach Residence. The lead architect for the construction project praised Ando for his style of construction as it incorporates all natural elements. The architect also added that Ando’s work represents the beauty of simplicity and conciseness. The architect was selected by Arada based on the previous project and is said to start work on the complex later in the year.