Developer to build 2nd tallest building in US, The Boardwalk at Bricktown in OKC

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The developer has recently made some changes and additions, to The Boardwalk at Bricktown, the planned complex in Oklahoma City. One of the updates is the introduction of a concept for a residential apartment building that would soar to a remarkable 134 stories, more than twice as tall as the current tallest building, in the city, which stands at 52 stories – the Devon Energy Center.

Matteson Capital, the developer, has made some changes to the plans for the proposed Hyatt Dream Hotel in the development. The initial plan of having 350 rooms has been. Now they are aiming for a total of 480 rooms. The reason behind these revisions is that there is an arena coming up in the area, which was recently approved through voting. However, this arena’s construction and operation are contingent upon the Oklahoma City basketball team, known as the Thunder signing a 25-year lease that would keep them in Oklahoma City until 2050. As part of this agreement, it is required that the new arena should be ready and open, for the 2028-2029 season.

First Phase of the Boardwalk at Bricktown project

The initial stage of the Boardwalk at Bricktown project, involves constructing two parking garages, a hotel, and two condominium high rises. The construction for this phase is set to commence in 2024. The hotel will have units situated on top of a parking garage and retail area along with a rooftop restaurant and pool. The two identical residential high-rises will also be built on top of a combined parking and retail space. Alongside these, there will be 140 apartments dedicated to the workforce and a workforce development center included in the component. As for the phase and the proposed 134-story residential building their timeline is yet to be determined as they are still awaiting approval.

The architecture firm AO Architects has drawn up exciting plans for the Boardwalk at Bricktown. They have submitted a permit application to the city that includes the proposed site map showing where the building would be located, as well as what each floor of the building might look like.

The well-regarded construction company Hensel Phelps is slated to be the general contractor to build the tower if approval is granted.

Lining up the financing for such an ambitious skyscraper design is never easy, but it looks like the developers have brought on board two strong financial partners in BCREM Capital and Global Economic Strategies. Their backing should help make the vision for this bold architectural project a reality.

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