The Dubai Sewerage System Plan Project Receives Approval

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The Multi-billion, Dubai Sewerage System Plan Project has officially received approval from Sheikh Hamdan. As a whole, the project is a collaboration between the private sector and the Government. It aims to create sustainable and advanced infrastructure. Moreover, the $21.8 billion project strives to decrease carbon emissions by 25%.

In alignment with the Dubai Urban Plan 2040, the Dubai Sewerage System Plan Project strives to serve the needs of the population for the next 100 years. In total, it boasts AED 1 trillion investment and it also will contribute towards the achievement of the Economic Agenda D33. Furthermore, the project’s approval further positions the city as one of the most sustainable, advanced, and modern, in the world.

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The Dubai Sewerage System Plan Project Aligns With Dubai’s Economic Agenda D33

As a part of the plan, strategic tunnels will be constructed in Warsan and Jebel Ali Stations. As a result, the project would then be able to reduce the number of main wastewater treatment plans from 20 to 2 within urban areas. Additionally, it will reduce the main pumping stations in urban areas from 13 to 2. Quite impressively, the project will also feature the transformation of treatment plants into clean facilities. Taking it a step further, it will maximize on the use of recycled water.

During an official meeting, the Executive Council alongside Sheikh Hamdan approved several major projects. In attendance was also the First Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum. Alongside the Minister of Finance of the UAE as well as the Deputy Prime Minister.

While commenting on the Dubai Sewerage System Plan Project Sheikh Hamdan expressed the importance of supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Dubai. In turn, the strategy would foster a diversified and flexible future economy. Developments and projects such as the sewerage plan are said to contribute about AED9 billion to the GDP approximately. Furthermore, over 86,000 job opportunities will be created, empowering well up to 8,000 Emirati entrepreneurs.