The El Espino-Charagua-Boyuibe highway construction

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The El Espino-Charagua-Boyuibe highway, with a length of 159,828 km as well as an expenditure of $ 255,550,000, was recently delivered to the department of Santa Cruz by President Luis Arce.

They presented the public with the beautiful highway in honor of Santa Cruz’s 213th anniversary. It is said that this was a means of saying thanks to ABC, which had overseen the construction, for their support. The president stated at the delivery ceremony that by doing this, they were rebuilding the nation’s economy.

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The El Espino-Charagua-Boyuibe highway is situated in the Cordillera province. It runs between the Boyuibe municipality and the Charagua Iyambae (formerly the municipality of Charagua) Guaran autonomous territory. Therefore, it forms a link between Santa Cruz de la Sierra and the Chuquisaca and Tarija departments (Northern Bolivian Chaco). It also serves as an international corridor towards Argentina and Paraguay.

Additionally, it plans to build 21 bridges, one of which will cover the Parapet River for a distance of 306 meters. It is one of the four most significant bridges being built for this highway. The bridge will be formally handed over on February 7.

The El Espino-Charagua-Boyuibe highway project funding

The Departmental Autonomous Government of Santa Cruz provided 15% of the funding. This is approximately US$37,950,000. The national government financed 85%, or US$215,050,000, with support from Exim Bank.

By making the investment, the department’s road infrastructure will be improved and increased. This will facilitate communication and integration with the towns and communities involved with the project. It will also offer them an alternate means of access while carrying out the activities and using flexible and profitable environmental regulations.

The El Espino-Charagua-Bouibe highway, which was estimated to cost $248,296,406 to build, was scheduled to be completed in March, according to initial reports from Minister of Public Works, Services, and Housing Edgar Montao.