First Phase Implementation of Illawarra Road Upgrade Project in Australia Complete

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The Illawarra Road Upgrade Project in Australia has officially completed its first stage of development works. In a nutshell, the project strives to improve efficiency and productivity, especially in the moving of freight. Moreover, it aims to increase safety for all road users, alongside reducing travel times.

In total, the upgrade project’s cost is $80 million. The project is jointly funded by the Tasmanian and Australian governments. Under the Roads of Strategic Importance program, the Australian Government made a commitment of $64 million to the project.

On the other hand, the Tasmanian Government made a commitment of $16 million. From the Bass Highway, Tasmanian’s funding will enable an upgrade to the Perth Link.

An Overview Of The Illawarra Road Upgrade Project in Australia 

Upgrade development works for the project’s first stage began in March 2022. It serves as a key freight link that is right between the Midland and Bass Highways. Moreover, the freight link will provide efficient access to freight hubs that are between the northern regions of Tasmania and Hobart.

The completed works included the widening of road shoulders as well as lanes between Bishopsbourne Road and Longford roundabout. Taking it a step further, a heavy vehicle rest area near the Longford roundabout was also built. 

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While commenting on the Illawarra Road Upgrade Project, Regional Development and Local Government Minister said that it will provide major economic stimulus to the centres. More especially, those that feed in and out of the Illawarra road. Furthermore, the Tasmanian economy has been steadily growing, thus an improvement in freight transport will ensure continued and progressive growth.

Catherine King, further noted that the Australian Government is strongly committed to infrastructure investment that reduces congestion and increases safety. As for the next stage of upgrade works, the project is planning a detailed design for a 2.9-kilometre section, at the end of Illawarra road on Bass Highway. 

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