The Metro Tunnel Project Marks Milestone With Premier Test Runs in Australia

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The Metro Tunnel Project in Australia has officially marked its momentous start to its next major testing phase. Officially, the project achieved two test runs on the development with one train in each. In total, both tunnels stretch over 8 kilometers.

According to a press statement, the Metro Tunnel Project will serve as a connecting link to Cranbourne/Pakenham and the busy Sunbury. The connection will be via the new tunnel that will be positioned right under the city. This, in turn, will create a seamless, end-to-end railway line from the south-east to north-west. Moreover, the tunnels will contribute towards freeing space within the City Loop, of which will enable more trains access to growing suburbs.

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The Metro Tunnel Project’s Testing Phase date

According to official reports, the Metro Tunnel Project’s Testing will continue through into 2024. It further noted that over the next months, a total of seven carriage trains will run back and forth continuously between the tunnels. Additionally, more extensive testing will be carried out on systems and equipment to ensure safety.

The cost of the Metro Tunnel Project

Quite impressively, the Metro Tunnel Project is a $12.58 billion investment, geared to the region’s passenger rail system. Under a public-private partnership (PP), CYP (Cross Yarra Partnership) consortium, will work on its design and overall construction works. The initial, $5.08 billion agreement for the package got inked in December 2017 with the state. Thereafter, an amended contract got signed in December 2020, with the state’s commitment of an additional $1.37 billion.

Before evolving in complexity, the Metro Tunnel Project will carry out testing on fundamental systems such as the lining up of trains with the platforms. While commenting on the project, Victorian Premier said that the development’s milestone pivots the project closer to completion. Daniel Andrews highlighted with pride the magnificent journey from a penciled line on a map to train test runs in the tunnels. As a whole, Andrews noted, the project strives to create a better train network for Melbourne.