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Construction works on the WA Pipeline Project in Australia has begun according to the Water Corporation. The project features the installation of a 2.6-kilometre pipeline underneath the intersection at Armadale Road and Beeliar Drive. It’ll also be right before the diverting north along Solomon Road in Treeby.

In a nutshell, the WA Pipeline in Australia strives to provide clean drinking water to residents of the City of Cockburn. Currently, it is reported that the area is home to about 4,200 residents. Moreover, Treeby is said to be amongst several fast-growing suburbs within the city. In fact, by 2035, it is estimated observe an additional 3,000 brand-new homes.

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The WA Pipeline in Australia to lead to further water and land infrastructural development 

While commenting on the project, the Western Australia Water Minister, noted that unlocking new land as well as creating more access to affordable housing forms part of the State Government’s key priority. Therefore, Simone McGurk further said, it is essential to invest in water infrastructure. Especially, for future communities to prosper and thrive.

The $10 million commitment to the WA Pipeline aims to affirm to the region’s residents, the efforts being put towards the delivery of a reliable supply of cleaning drinking water.

Additionally, the brand new pipeline targets to ease the pressure off existing water infrastructure within the area. This, in turn, will lead to a decrease in the potential for bursts and leaks. Alongside, providing and allowing for greater supply reliability to residents of not just Treeby, but also, nearby growth suburbs such as Jandakot and Banjup.

As part of the Altrad Group, the WA Pipeline project in Australia will be undertaken by Western Australian-based Valmec. At an estimate, it is said to create well up to 50 jobs during its development and construction. In total, the WA Pipeline Project In Australia is reported to take six months to complete.