TotalEnergies and Sumitomo Corp will build Mphanda Nkuwa power project

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TotalEnergies from France and EDF, along with Sumitomo Corp. from Japan will build a 1500-MW  Mphanda Nkuwa power project on Africa’s Zambezi River system which is fourth longest after the Nile, Congo and Niger rivers at 2574 km long.

Construction cost

This group of big energy and engineering companies from around the world has been chosen to lead a $4.5-billion small river hydroelectric project in Mozambique.

The leader of the group, EDF, will provide 40% for this project. TotalEnergies and Sumitomo will give each a total amount up to their level which is 30%. This work includes building power plants located around 60 kilometers below Cahora Bassa dam. The Cahora Bassa dam houses Africa’s fourth largest artificial lake

The builders will also make a big power moving system. It’s almost 1300 kilometres long and has strong high-voltage direct electrical wires running between Cataxia to Mozambique’s main city called Maputo.

Completion date

The money part for the hydropower project is expected to finish in 2024 with starting up planned for 2031.

When the Mphanda Nkuwa power project is finished and running, the group will own 70%. Eletricidade de Moçambique, the state agency that makes and sends out electricity; and Hidroeléctrica de Cahora Bassa, a private company that generates hydroelectricity with permission to run Cahora Bassa dam as well as its high-voltage direct current (HVDC) system. They will own 30% of

EDF will use its good technical skills and TotalEnergies wants to take advantage of their experience in making big energy projects. They mainly do this in Africa, said the companies. Sumitomo stated that it will help people get the important money by using its old experience of power plant projects around the world, including in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Mozambique currently has a power capacity of 3,001 MW. Despite having coal, water and natural gas resources that could potentially generate more energy their total potential is estimated to be, around 187 GW according to an US based agency focused on development assistance.


The Implementation of the Mphanda Nkuwa power project would significantly increase Mozambiques electricity production by over half. This would provide electricity to 3 million households.

Unfortunately 29% of the countrys population, which amounts to 29.5 million people currently have access to electricity. The limited availability of transmission lines and challenging conditions make it difficult to expand the distribution network and improve accessibility, for people.

“This Mphanda Nkuwa power project will greatly increase access to electricity in the area and it is completely as EDF’s goal of creating a zero-carbon future with electric power and inventive solutions that support economic advancement,” said Béatrice Buffon, senior vice president at the group. Sumitomo said the agreement to work together opens up more research. This will help decide “the best choices when it comes to how much impact we have on nature or people and also making sure this project works well technically and with money.”

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