Uganda Breaks Ground for the Construction of a $110 Million Permanent Consulate and Residence in China

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The Ugandan Government has officially launched the construction of the Uganda-China permanent consulate and residence. The construction of the project is expected to cost around $110M to see its successful completion. The groundbreaking ceremony of the permanent Chancery and Residence in Guangzhou, China took place earlier this week. The ceremony was held in Haizhu District and was officiated by the Consulate General Amb. Judyth Nsahabera. Also in attendance was Ms. Qian Hongjie, Deputy Director General of the Guangdong Foreign Affairs Office. Speaking during this momentous occasion, the ambassador noted that the construction of a permanent consulate in Guangzhou is essential. She said that the project is a sign of Uganda’s commitment to fostering the already existing good relationship between the two countries. The project also goes a long way in strengthening and complementing the diplomatic ties both countries have with each other.

The Significance of the Uganda-China Permanent Consulate

The construction of the Uganda-China permanent consulate signifies a journey of partnership and strengthening of bonds. The project signifies the bond between China and Uganda by allowing the country to develop a consulate in China. The consulate once completed will serve as a residence for the Ugandan officials and delegates residing in China. It also lays the foundation for the important milestones and achievements ahead for the two countries. Once the construction of the permanent consulate is complete, it will have utilized Uganda’s undeveloped land that was in Guangzhou. Guangzhou is one of the several locations where Uganda owns undeveloped land for its foreign missions. The Ugandan Parliament earlier in the year recommended a budget for the consulate’s development. It also included the construction of a Chancery and Office residential. This shows that the government is ambitious to see this project through and ensure its success.Uganda-China permanent consulate

The Ground Works for the Relationship between Uganda and China

The Uganda-China permanent consulate is expected to further solidify the two countries’ relationship. This comes at a time when Uganda Airlines is preparing to launch direct flights between Entebbe and Guangzhou. Ms. Honjgie, representing the Guangdong Foreign Affairs office, pledged continued support and cooperation in the project. She also noted that the Ugandan government has the full support of her office throughout the construction project. The Uganda-China permanent consulate general contractor is Hengsheng Construction Group Co. Ltd. They also assured the Ugandan Consulate of their steadfastness and dedication to deliver a high-quality project on schedule. The project’s construction is expected to start as soon as possible with everything put in place to ensure its delivery and success.

The State of Affairs Over the Construction Project

The Uganda-China permanent consulate groundbreaking ceremony was attended by several dignitaries and officials. This included Ms. Norah Birigwe Nyendwoha, the chairperson of the Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs. It also included other officials and delegates from both Ugandan and Chinese government entities. Once completed, the consulate will be accessible to both government officials from both countries. It will also greatly facilitate in ensuring collaboration and ease of partnerships between Uganda and China. So far, both countries are pleased with the outcome of the groundbreaking ceremony and anticipate to see the commencement of the project.

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