£800K housing project in Wallsend set to begin under Bellway

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£800K housing project in Wallsend is set to kick off after Bellway has just recently completed buying the land located in Centurion Park in Wallsend after being granted a go ahead to set up a total of 215 homes on the site that is just off Rheydt Avenue by the North Tyneside Council in the month of April.

The house development and building firm is committed and ready to heavily investing in primary education, efficient sport amenities, quality parks and setting up green spaces. Employment and training will also be a part of the housing development scheme.

The manager who is in control of Land and Planning at Bellway North East, Mark Gabriele, pointed out that they would commence their construction works of building the new neighborhood following the land being bought.

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Property acquisition and Investment allocation of Wallsend Housing Project

The Wallsend housing project budget shall be set as follows;

  • £49,000 would be utilized for employment
  • £50,000 is going to be used for road construction
  • £32,465 will be allocated for coastal mitigation
  • £65,000 shall be put aside for primary education
  • £349,151 will be used in the construction of sports facilities
  • £150,500 for play and multi-use game amenities
  • £21,600 shall go to allotments
  • £41,925 will be invested in ecology and biodiversity
  • £114,421 would be used for the green space and parks

Furthermore, the manager also stated that the Centurion Chase would is going to bring a wide range of quality homes in a range of styles that would be relevant for first time buyers, young growing families and not forgetting the downsizers. They will also be making a quite significant change to the open spaces in the area through their commitment to funding the amenities they intend to build in the housing project.

The development is going to consist of a total of 161 2-5 bedroom houses for selling to private individuals and the rest total of 54 2 and 3 bedroom houses will be set aside as affordable housing for the local people and will be available vis a vis cheap affordable rent or being bought as share ownership.

Lastly, the housing project in Wallsend is also going to contain areas of open space, tree planting, a public open space, a path that is mowed , bulb and hedges installation and even seeding of wildflowers.