A £50M skyscraper set for Plymouth’s waterfront will be the city’s tallest

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Plymouth’s waterfront is poised for a transformative addition as a developers plan to build a £50M skyscraper named the Shepherds Wharf tower. Standing tall at an impressive 30 storeys, this architectural marvel is projected to become the city’s tallest building.

The Shepherds Wharf tower project is set to grace a previously derelict expanse at Sutton Harbour, strategically positioned adjacent to the esteemed Premier Inn hotels. The masterminds behind this venture, Comcor (Shepherds Wharf) Ltd, have collaborated with city architects LHC Design to refine the concept. Notably, Comcor has secured the land pending planning approval and possesses the financial backing required. With the green light, construction on the £50M skyscraper for Plymouth’s waterfront could commence before 2025 draws to a close.

While an earlier scheme had garnered planning consent back in 2008, subsequent ownership transfers resulted in the site lying dormant. Comcor has now partnered with Plymouth City Council to unveil a new vision, breathing life into the previously untouched canvas.

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Mike Leech, Comcor’s marketing manager, articulated the project’s ambition: “The original planning consent was granted for 23 storeys. Our aspiration is to extend it to 30 storeys, creating an iconic structure that reigns as the southern England’s tallest.”

Number of flats in Plymouth’s Planned £50M Waterfront Skyscraper

The £50M skyscraper for Plymouth’s waterfront blueprint encompasses a 10-floor rectangular apartment block seamlessly integrated with the towering structure and the two residentials will house a collective of 200 contemporary flats. Complementing the residential allure, the ground floor and mezzanine levels are designated for a vibrant blend of restaurants, shops, and commercial spaces, creating a dynamic hub of activity and community engagement.

Amanda Sutherland, director of planning consultancy Sutherland Property and Legal Services Ltd, shed light on the design philosophy: “Our approach has a contemporary edge, taking cues from local architectural elements. The lower block harmonizes with the landscape, allowing the tower to emerge as a symbol of distinction.”

Anticipation swirls around a forthcoming planning submission anticipated in spring 2024. Ms. Sutherland emphasized, “We are fully equipped and ready to move forward, pending the planning phase. An estimated 18 to 24 months are envisioned for the groundbreaking.”

The £50M skyscraper for Plymouth’s waterfront development resonates with eager stakeholders and promises to elevate the city’s waterfront to new heights. Ms. Sutherland encapsulated the collective sentiment: “This venture holds immense potential for the city  a beacon of progress and excitement.” As the project takes shape, Plymouth’s skyline is poised to evolve into a testament of modern innovation and urban transformation.