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Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station in North Wales set for decommissioning

The Trawsfynydd nuclear power station which is located in North Wales is set to undergo decommissioning project. Reportedly Magnox, the company responsible for the project is seeking a demolition contractor for the £53 million project.

This decommissioning phase focuses on modifying the two former civil nuclear reactor buildings, which currently provide secure storage for the plant. The selected contractor will systematically deconstruct and partially demolish each reactor building to comply with existing planning commitments and minimise the visual impact on the surrounding landscape.

The contract notice for Trawsfynydd nuclear power station also states that a package of civil new build and remedial works will be undertaken to enhance the durability of the remaining structures and reduce asset management liabilities. The end goal is to ensure compliant protection of the stored inventory, preparing it for subsequent phases of decommissioning activities on the site.

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Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station: Advancing the Decommissioning Process in North Wales

Trawsfynydd is a decommissioned twin reactor power station on a 15.5-hectare site within Snowdonia National Park in Gwynedd. It commenced operations in 1965 after six years of construction and operated for 26 years before shutting down in 1991. The decommissioning process has been ongoing for 32 years.

In July 2020, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority announced a revised approach to accelerate the decommissioning of Magnox reactor sites, designating Trawsfynydd as the “lead and learn site.” This strategic shift means that Trawsfynydd will engage in a continuous planned decommissioning program, including demolitions, to progressively reduce risks and hazards rather than transitioning the site into a care and maintenance phase as planned.

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