Contract Awarded for Sheffield City Centre Landscaping Project

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The £25 million Sheffield City Centre Landscaping Project will be carried out by John Sisk & Son (Sisk). The latter was appointed by Sheffield City Council.

The project will involve the creation of over 2,500 square meters of pocket parks. It is designed to capture, store, absorb, and filter rainwater and runoff from roads and pavements. These green spaces will also feature play areas for children. Additionally, the events area near Leopold Street will be expanded, offering new amenities such as public water points and custom seating.

As part of the initiative, trade waste bins will be replaced by “buried bins” accessible to delivery vehicles only during specific times using an automated rise and fall bollard system. This change will enhance the aesthetic appeal of the street while improving waste management.

The street improvements align with Sheffield City Council’s “Front Door Scheme,” which encourages the conversion of upper floors in Fargate buildings into flats and offices. The project will include the installation of separate front door entrances, providing easier access to previously hidden parts of Fargate.

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Sheffield City Centre Landscaping Project to Complete in 2024

The South Yorkshire Combined Authority is funding the project through the £50 million Transforming Cities Fund. The completion of the project is expected in the summer of 2024.

Dominic Hodges, Managing Director of Sisk’s UK Civils division, expressed delight in reaching this significant milestone and securing funding for the project. Sisk will collaborate closely with local businesses and residents to ensure minimal disruption during the construction phase.

The Sheffield city centre landscaping project is essential in revitalising the Fargate area. It will also create an appealing urban environment for residents and visitors alike.