Longhill Burn Wind Farm UKs largest onshore turbines come online

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The 50Mw Longhill Burn Wind Farm has been completed and is set to supply 30% of Sainsbury’s total electricity needs. Sainsbury is the UK’s second largest supermarket chain and has committed to the purchase of wind power energy since 2018 for use in its establishments. It was the first retailer to begin  the purchase of wind power.


Located in West Lothian, Scotland the Longhill Burn Wind Power Project has been under construction since 2021. Capital Dynamics a global renewable energy investment player purchased a 100% equity stake in the Longhill Burn Wind Power project from Energiekontor AG  in 2021 setting the stage for the development of the largest onshore subsidy free wind power project in the country.

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The wind power project is powered by 8 wind turbines supplied by Siemens Gamesa. The blades extend 76 metres in length and the turbines are positioned 200metres above the ground. The turbines generate 6.4Mw of electricity which make them standout as the most powerful in the UK to date. To put it into perspective, the turbines can provide electricity to 55,000 homes when fully operational.

These turbines represented the first of Siemens Gamesa’s turbines with higher power ratings of 6.6MW featuring larger rotors and cutting-edge technology.


Energiekontor AG who oversaw construction will also operate and maintain the Longhill Burn Wind Power project. Energiekontor is a German company founded in Bremerhaven and has expertise that ranges from planning and construction of the operation and management of wind farms.

Energiekontor AG, managed the construction of the wind farm and will now oversee its day-to-day performance and maintenance