Plans Unveiled for UK’s first “Beacon” Footbridge at Garforth Station

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An artist’s impression of the upcoming “Beacon” footbridge at Garforth Station, which will be installed within the next year has been revealed by Network Rail. The unique design, created by Davies Maguire structural engineers, features distinctive lift shafts that inspired the bridge’s name.

This project marks the first of its kind in the UK, providing passengers with a safe and step-free option at the station for the first time. Funded through the Department for Transport’s Access for All program, the investment of £6 million will facilitate the construction, set to commence later this month. It is scheduled for completion by April 2024.

As part of the project, the existing grade-II listed footbridge will be dismantled and relocated to Bredgar and Wormshill light railway in Kent after consultation with relevant parties. Despite the interest expressed, no proposals were received that would have allowed the bridge to remain in Yorkshire.

To maintain access between the platforms, a temporary footbridge will be installed in June. However, this will result in a reduction in the car park’s capacity to 60 spaces. Alternative routes will be operational during the construction period, clearly signposted for the convenience of passengers.

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Beacon Footbridge at Garforth Station to Enhance Passenger Experience and Safety

Chris Wright, a senior sponsor at Network Rail, emphasized the people-centered and visually appealing design of the Beacon Bridge. Its lighter appearance, incorporating a glass deck and stairs, preserves the views of the adjacent listed road bridge.

Most importantly, the bridge will fulfill the long-awaited need for step-free access at Garforth. With the release of these images, excitement grows as the project transitions into the construction phase.

Tony Baxter, the Director of East at Northern Trains, expressed appreciation for investment in rail infrastructure. He anticipates a positive impact on the customer experience at Garforth once the bridge is opened in 2024.

In addition to the Beacon footbridge, Network Rail is also trialing an accessible footbridge design at Stowmarket in Suffolk. Earlier this year, the company successfully installed the “Flow” pedestrian bridge, which prioritizes carbon reduction and affordability, although it is not accessible.