Updates on A9 Dualling construction: Tomatin to Moy, UK

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In a significant development, the Scottish Government has officially announced that the cost of the A9 Dualling construction project, specifically the Tomatin to Moy section, has surged from an initial estimate of £115 million to a revised figure of £150 million. This substantial budget increase has sparked discussions and raised questions among various stakeholders.

Yesterday, they unveiled the Contract Notice for the £150 million A9 Dualling project from Tomatin to Moy construction. This came after an extensive market consultation exercise aimed at creating a new contract structure. The goal was to attract a broader pool of bidders, thus enhancing competition in the project. The need for this revision and the subsequent budget increase is due to factors like rising material costs, labor expenses, and unforeseen complexities encountered during project planning. The A9 Dualling; Tomatin to Moy construction adjustments ensures the project proceeds smoothly and achieves its intended goals. It reflects the government’s commitment to transparency and efficiency in managing large-scale infrastructure initiatives.

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Màiri McAllan, the Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Net Zero, and Just Transition, expressed her thoughts on this announcement. Emphasizing the project’s significance for communities and businesses along the A9 corridor. She reaffirmed the government’s unwavering commitment to enhancing road safety and underscored the importance of dualling the A9 for the daily commuters and businesses relying on this critical route.

Timeline for A9 Dualling Construction Project: Tomatin to Moy

The contract for the A9 Dualling: Tomatin to Moy project is expected to be awarded in early Summer 2024. They project that construction will take about three years. This announcement followed the First Minister’s declaration in a Parliamentary Statement on the Programme for Government.

The revision of the A9 Dualling construction contract and procurement strategy for the Tomatin to Moy section results from the failure of the initial tender process. The updated strategy uses a new industry-preferred contract and aims for a fair risk distribution. This change marks a significant shift in Transport Scotland’s approach to major projects, showing the government’s commitment to efficient delivery.