Transforming Birmingham Living: Smith’s Garden’s Modular BTR Revolution by Elements Europe

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Elements Europe, renowned for its offsite modular expertise, is spearheading a transformative project in Central Birmingham. They’ve embarked on a modular Build to Rent (BTR) residential contract. This ambitious project will reshape a 4-acre island site into a modern living destination called Smith’s Garden.

Performing dual roles, Elements Europe is acting as both the main contractor and offsite manufacturer. Their involvement ensures the seamless delivery of a full turnkey solution to the innovative BTR residential scheme. It’s an exciting endeavour that leverages modular construction for efficiency and sustainability.

Smith’s Garden promises a new wave of urban living with 550 apartments. Comprising one, two, and three-bedroom units, the residential complex will be meticulously laid out. Furthermore, six separate blocks will be centred around a lush, private one-acre garden, creating an urban oasis for residents.

This project signifies a significant development within the construction sector. With Elements Europe at the helm, innovative construction techniques and cutting-edge technologies are being incorporated. This fresh approach is expected to boost efficiency, sustainability, and affordability, revolutionising traditional construction methods.

Martin Bellinger, Principal at Goodstone Living, praised the project. He also highlighted Smith’s Garden as one of the UK’s largest and most exhilarating Build to Rent residential projects. He believes the project underlines the evolution of this sector over the past 15 years.

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Smith’s Garden’s Modular BTR Transformation Project’s Location

The project is a response to the rising demand for offsite construction and manufacturing. Manufacturing of 1143 modules is set to take place in Telford, from November 2023 to January 2025. Offsite manufacturing not only accelerates construction but also minimises onsite disturbances.

Elements Europe is passionate about the benefits of offsite construction. Thus, they believe it provides an innovative alternative to traditional construction. It allows for faster project completion, reduced waste, improved quality control, and enhanced safety.

Construction activities at the Birmingham site started in July 2023. The project is also designed to unfold in phases. Furthermore, handover of the six blocks will occur sequentially from late 2024 through early 2026.

The Smith’s Garden’s Modular BTR project is setting benchmarks for sustainable construction with a 50% reduction in operational carbon. Thus, David Jones, CEO of Elements Europe, is committed to transforming the construction industry. He hopes to create lasting, impactful structures through sustainable practices and advanced technology. Working closely with architects Darling Associates and UK real estate investment manager Goodstone Living, Elements Europe is set to begin the phased handover of the completed works in September 2024.