The exclusive, ultra-luxurious Skycrest collection by DAMAC 

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The Skycrest collection includes ultra-luxurious apartments designed by Italian fashion house Cavalli and offers owners access to exclusive services

Following the successful launch of DAMAC Bay 2 and DAMAC Bay and Cavalli, DAMAC, the regional leader in the commercial and residential leisure sectors, introduces the exclusive Skycrest collection for beachside residences. Located in the heart of Dubai Harbour, is the thoughtfully designed collection, spanning multiple floors of both projects and all five towers, offering spectacular views of the harbor and beyond.

Niall McLoughlin, Senior Vice President of of DAMAC, said: “DAMAC Bay and DAMAY Bay 2 lie in a pristine and relatively unexplored part of Dubai and we are confident that this sister project will offer unprecedented sophistication  and an unprecedented vibrant atmosphere.” And he added that the Skycrest collection will be the flagship of both projects and will be the crowning glory with all its exclusivity and sophistication.

As the centerpiece, the DAMAC Bay property are adorned with a Cavalli-inspired bridge that snakes across the rooftops.The property offers  residents a choice of 1 bedroom apartments and super luxury 5 bedroom semi-detached villas throughout the development plan.

DAMAC Bay’s lobby serves as the property’s welcoming gathering place, adorned with tall glass windows and an aesthetic inspired by the beauty of the sea.

The Bay Towers will have access to a private beach, a number of restaurants and the exclusive Cavalli Lounge. There will also be rooftop infinity pools, a state-of-the-art opera pavilion and a fountain with music dubbing. Finally, the three-towered property was built so that each unit has an uninterrupted view of the sea.

A continuation of the DAMAC Bay property, DAMAC Bay 2 is a 52-story semi-detached home with luxury amenities on property to complement the mix of one-bedroom luxury suites and five-bedroom super-luxe luxury suites from the bedside.

The top floor of the tower features an infinity pool overlooking the beach, harbor and Arabian Sea. In addition to hydrotherapy stations, showers, and hot tubs, the property also offers luxurious camping tents for residents and other trendy amenities. The property also extends its luxury into dining and leisure facilities as it will also feature the first Cavalli-branded sushi bar, virtual dressing rooms, as well as its own Cavalli Museum and Cavalli Art and Fashion Studio.

Further down the property, the podium level of the towers offers a sea sanctuary in the form of an elegantly designed water maze, jungle oasis and wave pool.

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Residents seeking a moment of tranquility will find peace in the tower’s floating hydrotherapy pods, which allow people to relax in luxurious comfort while exploring weightlessness.