Alternus Clean Energy and Acadia Energy Collaborate on the Development of 200 Megawatt Microgrid Projects in New York State

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Alternus Clean Energy, the foremost transatlantic non-traditional independent power producer (IPP) specializing in utility-scale clean energy, develops a strategic partnership with Acadia Energy. Through this collaboration, the parties intends to co-develop 200 Megawatt Microgrid Projects in New York The union of Alternus’ vast and expert knowledge in the realm of renewable energy and Acadia’s already established reputation in the region with a proven project pipeline will set the scene for the tremendous strides needed in the transformation of the sustainable energy landscape.


The 2-3 consecutive years will be the period the jointly developed microgrid projects being marketed under the Acadia brand rather than venture through individual projects. Acadia microgrids formed in a way to sustain energy development and supply, highly effective and robust power solutions, are the core concepts of these 200 Megawatt Microgrid Projects in New York. Hence these projects will not only contribute to the full realization of the goals of Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IRA) and Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA), but also create numerous green jobs and lay a strong foundation for the future development of the green economy. This is done by offering low cost, dependable, and environmentally friendly energy options. With that being done, they will look at the ability to propel economic development and create jobs across the board, in almost all cities and businesses in the New York State area.

200 Megawatt Microgrid Projects in New York


In line with the joint venture contract, the company Alternus will take the controlling ownership interest of 51% in the ventures, and Acadia will play the leadership role in the direction of operations with Alternus being involved in project supervision. Going forward, the two parties will divide the project expense and equity proportionally through each of them contributing one-half of its capital share. Acadia holds the promising prospect to develop over 1.5 – 2.0 gigawatts of renewable projects in New York, with various sizes navigating from 20 to 50 MW. The current task of Aaradia is focused on the negotiations with agencies that control the microgrid construction process.


Completion date

Projects’ joining together under joint ventures with the first commercial operations to be scheduled within a period of next 2 years.


Vincent Browne, the CEO of Alternus, voiced his excitement when he said that, “we are incredibly encouraged to cooperate with Acadia Energy in the plan for developing and operating the whole system of 200 MW microgrid in New York. Acadia’s amazing pipeline of renewable, utility-scale energy initiatives corresponds to the types of assets which Alternus is looking for to establish its presence on the energy Their being a mainstay and a tried and true partner grounds them to becoming the best partner for us as we speed up the junction to clean energy and promote local economic growth.

John Bay, the CEO of Acadia, underscored this idea when he said, “With Alternus Clean Energy coming onboard, we are now scaling up our microgrid efforts and deploying this state-of-the-art technology at a faster pace across Upstate New York.” Our joint goal for the area is clear and Acadia’s strong expertise in building a portfolio of 1.2 gigawatts can only enhance the chances of success.”


In the very essence of this partnership, the Alternus Clean Energy’s company and Acadia Energy have made a significant step towards uptake of renewable energy solutions among more consumers in New York State and development of resilient microgrid infrastructures. Such an approach (collaboration and innovation) is meant to result in the achievement of several environmental and economic values at the end. Therefore, this collaborative effort is a means of creating a prosperous and green future.

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