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The long-awaited Ocean Crest development project in Far Rockaway’s Bayswater section has finally received approval from the NYC Council on August 3, following a period of deliberation and community engagement. Located on a parking lot opposite Bayswater Park, the project necessitated an upzoning from R4-1 to R6A to facilitate its construction.

This move sparked varied reactions within the Rockaway community, with some apprehensive about overdevelopment and others recognizing potential housing solutions for seniors. Following further discussions and delays, the revised Ocean Crest proposal secured unanimous approval from both the Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises and the Committee on Land Use, ultimately passing with a decisive 44-1 vote from the entire council.

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Brooks-Powers, announcing the project’s endorsement, underscored the commitment to incorporating 35% Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise participation, emphasizing the project’s inclusive approach. During the August 3 Council meeting, Brooks-Powers asserted, “Initiatives like Ocean Crest ensure that more New Yorkers, particularly those from low-income and diverse backgrounds, can not only remain in the city but also thrive. I am enthusiastic about collaborating with the administration to broaden resources for homeowners and communities like mine, ultimately making the American dream attainable within New York City.”

Total units in just approved Bayswater Ocean Crest project

It will consist of 89 affordable units, reimagined as a home-ownership initiative. Initially designed to encompass more than 100 units of affordable housing for rent but the Ocean Crest project has undergone a transformation. The alteration came in response to concerns expressed by Selvena N. Brooks-Powers, NYC Council Majority Whip representing District 31, who stressed the importance of fostering home ownership opportunities.

Batus echoed optimism for Ocean Crest’s future, commending Brooks-Powers for her instrumental role in securing the project’s approval. “This endeavor will offer affordable housing and create avenues for wealth accumulation for 89 hardworking families in the Rockaways,” Batus affirmed, highlighting the positive impact the development aims to bring to the area.

In addition to her appreciation, Brooks-Powers acknowledged the efforts of Jesse Batus, the regional vice president of The Community Builders (TCB), the nonprofit organization responsible for overseeing the project.