Construction begins on Nebraska Kearney Cancer Center, USA

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Nebraska Medicine has begun constructing new Nebraska Medicine Kearney Cancer Center, a great news for cancer patients in Nebraska. The center will be located in University Village and will cover a area of 53,000 square feet. The project costs $33 million. The new Nebraska Medicine Kearney Cancer Center to offer even more cancer treatment options. The cancer center will provide different services for patients, like radiation treatment, medication treatment, lab tests, medicine, and therapy, programs to help survivors, a healing garden, and genetic counseling. They want to support patients in every way possible.

University Village is really happy to be working with Nebraska Medicine on this new cancer center. The Executive Director of University Village, Michael Christen, believes it will help the community, the region, and the state for a long time. Michael Ash, who is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Nebraska Medicine, thinks this new center will bring the great cancer care that Nebraska Medicine is known for to Kearney. Now, patients in central Nebraska can get the best care close to home.

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The new Nebraska Medicine Kearney Cancer Center to bring more treatment options

This new clinic is part of Nebraska Medicine’s partnership with Heartland Hematology and Oncology. They started working together in December 2021. Therefore, new cancer center will build on the experience and trust that Heartland Hematology and Oncology have gained over the years. The Kearney Cancer Center is set to open its doors in 2024. University Village, which is working together with the University of Nebraska at Kearney, is being built as a community with different things like schools, homes, parks, and stores. It’s a place where people can easily walk around.

New building will let them help twice as many patients in Kearney as they do now. If they need to, they can make the building even bigger in the future. Construction has already started in the northwest part of University Village. The Chancellor, Doug Kristensen, thinks the cancer center fits well with his vision of a small town in the countryside. Overall, the Nebraska Medicine Kearney Cancer Center is an important step in bringing more cancer treatment options to Nebraska. It will provide care and support for patients, and it will have a positive impact on the community.