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In Detroit Lakes, construction workers are completing the US$14 million new Highway Department headquarters for Becker County. The 62,000-square-foot structure would replace the roughly half a dozen current facilities. This is according to Brian Shepard, Becker County’s construction manager. He stated that one of the facilities is about 100 years old and is currently used by the County Highway Department.

After passing city inspections, it should be ready for move-in some time in June, according to McGough Construction‘s project manager Joe Kasper.

More features at the Becker County Highway Department Headquarters

A 5-ton lift crane that spans the 15,000-square-foot maintenance area is the new building’s major attraction. It takes the place of an older lift that could only be used in one spot in the current maintenance garage. The three mechanics in the division will have a lot more flexibility in their work. This is thanks to the new mobile crane.

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Nearly half of the new structure is a large, open garage for vehicles and equipment. This is in addition to the maintenance area. Additionally, according to Shepard, one side has a long heavy-duty storage rack. It offers space for everything from plough equipment to signs, tools, and even small vehicles.

Additionally, there is a manual vehicle wash. It has an underbody spray and a welding area with both built-in and portable exhaust systems. The 9,500 square feet of business space will contain offices around the outside and cubicles in the centre. Furthermore, precast concrete was used to construct the majority of the structure, however, the office area’s outside is made of insulated metal panels.