Construction of Menge avenue overpass scheduled to start on July 12

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Construction of Menge avenue overpass scheduled to start on July 12. The Menge avenue overpass will be closed for 13 months starting July 12 due to the construction of an overpass expected to take 18 months to completion. 

The bridge over I-10 at Menge will be replaced, and the entrance and exit ramps as well as Firetower Road will be enlarged to prepare for an anticipated increase in traffic at that exchange.

“According to Southern Transportation District Commissioner Tom King, the Menge Avenue intersection will shortly undergo a significant upgrade that will draw more drivers and spur economic growth. We’re honored to collaborate with our partners on this project to guarantee that the design and construction of this interchange comply with state and federal regulations that maintain the safety of the traveling public”.

The Menge Avenue overpass will be closed to traffic beginning the week of July 12 and is expected to be closed for around 13 months. The bridge’s closure enables its removal and replacement. The exit and entrance ramps will stay open, and there will be diversion signs posted. If possible, drivers should look for alternate routes.

To make sure the project complies with Michigan Department of Transportation regulations and requirements for the construction of roads and bridges, Neel Shaffer and Michael Baker International will act as consultants for construction engineering and inspection. T.L. Wallace of Columbia is the project’s contractor.

Harrison County is a destination for both tourists and companies because to the Menge Avenue junction with Buc-ee’s Travel Center, according to Harrison County Supervisor Marlin Ladner. “This construction is an exciting step forward in this highly anticipated development, and we expect this project to fuel economic growth in the region,” the statement reads.

The Harrison County Board of Supervisors and Buc-ee’s are funding the project, which is anticipated to take around 18 months.

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