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Fayetteville Moxy Hotel at South Yard Lofts to be developed in Arkansas

A Fayetteville Moxy Hotel has been included as part of the development plans for the South Yard development in Arkansas. Recently, the developer, Specialized Real Estate Group, announced the new hotel addition to its ongoing $63 million project.

The South Yard Lofts project is a mixed-use development consisting of apartments, retail, restaurants, and small office spaces. It occupies a 9-acre site at Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and South School Avenue. However, the Fayetteville Moxy Hotel’s location will be near the Central BBQ which opened on the property earlier this month.

Development plans for the Fayetteville Moxy Hotel at South Yard Lofts

Thus far, 60 apartment units of the South Yard Lofts project have been completed, with the remaining 68 still underway. According to Specialized Real Estate Group, the units will be mostly studio and one-bedroom apartments. However, the developer expects construction on the Fayetteville Moxy Hotel to commence by the summer.

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The new Moxy hotel project will be the first one in the state to be built in Fayetteville. It’s described as a playful, affordable, and stylish property, with small but smart rooms. Additionally, the hotel features 131 rooms spread across a seven-storey building, which is 56,000 square feet in size.

Remarks on the project

Specialized Real Estate Group‘s CEO Jeremy Hudson said the company was pleased to welcome Moxy Hotel to South Yard. Especially since the hotel group is renowned for its hospitality approach, which perfectly complements its vision for developing a vibrant community.

Therefore, he said it would be an excellent addition, providing a unique experience to both locals and visitors alike. Hudson also said the South Yard project would focus on making the surrounding infrastructure even more walkable and bike-friendly.

The city has plans to develop a park along the stream bank at the location near Tanglewood Branch. However, Specialized Real Estate Group will cover the park’s basic maintenance, which includes lawn care, over a 10-year duration.

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