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A huge milestone for Strata Clean Energy was recently marked with the groundbreaking of Arizona’s 255MW/1,020MWh Scatter Wash BESS project, in the US. Strata is a developer, operator and a pioneer entity in grid-scale renewable energy solutions.

The groundbreaking ceremony was attended by the local dignitaries, representatives from Arizona Public Service (APS), along with executives from Strata.

When can we expect to see the facility operational?

The Scatter Wash BESS project is expected to be up and running by April 2025. The electricity stored by the project’s batteries is said to be capable of powering more than 250,000 households, 4 hours per day for 20 years.

APS customers will be provided with dependable electricity by Scatter Wash. It will also provide support to increased electricity demand as well as store huge amounts of renewable energy. The stored energy will be utilized in summer when the heat is extreme and when demand for electricity in Arizona is high. The energy to be stored by the batteries will be produced by the solar power plants on its grid.

Strata Clean Energy’s president, Josh Rogol, claimed that the occasion showcased progress made in large-scale sustainable energy solutions in a developing metropolitan area. He also claimed that it shows the company’s commitment to address critical grid challenges.

Strata’s objectives

According to him, they continue to shape energy storage’s future through ensuring grid reliability. They also drive progress aimed at a broader decarbonization. Furthermore, the firm works to drive economic development objectives through investment and local jobs. This displays their commitment to a more sustainable future. 

Jacob Tetlow, APS Executive Vice President of Operations, said that Arizona is among America’s fastest growing states. As a result, it is important for APS customers to have access to reliable and affordable electricity especially in the summer season. He added that the batteries will help them to continue serving their clients with a balanced as well as a diverse electricity supply. 

Last year a tolling agreement with a length of 20 years was entered by Strata and APS for its Scatter Wash battery storage complex. As part of Strata’s increasing portfolio of clean-energy assets, and under the terms of agreement, the firm is expected to build, own and operate the storage facility.

Strata’s EPC partner for the Scatter Wash BESS project

In April 2023, Mortenson was chosen as a partner for Strata’s EPC for the project. The selection of the company was based on its dedication to technical expertise and partnering. Mortenson’s track record for timely completion of its projects was also one of the key aspects that were observed.


A rendered image showing a Battery Energy Storage System

Tesla‘s Megapack 2XL will be employed all through while the project is being undertaken. The facility is a fully integrated battery system. It features advanced battery technology, power conversion systems as well as software.

Electrical energy will be stored and dispatched efficiently by the battery systems, to and from the grid during optimal periods. 

The Scatter Wash development is supported by the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for the independent energy storage project. This initiative was created by the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. 

The national sustainable energy incentives benefit in actualizing energy transition will be demonstrated by the development, which is among the important projects.

About Strata Clean Energy

An integrated solar power, storage, as well as Power-to-X project development, O&M, and EPC company, Strata speeds up clean energy transition through providing top quality evolutional projects. The firm has offices in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, New York, and North Carolina.

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