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High-end community, Emerald Park is being built in Panama City Beach, FL

Panama City Beach is poised to embrace a new era of refined living with the impending arrival of Emerald Park, an exclusive high-end community. This development, led by a globally recognized real estate enterprise headquartered in New York, reflects a significant stride in the region’s urban landscape. The high-end community will boast 108 luxury apartments. Emerald Park is strategically located near Laurie Avenue along Front Beach Road.

Leading this ambitious endeavor is TEI, an esteemed developer. Robert Singer, Director of Development at TEI, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The introduction of Emerald Park luxury apartments is a milestone we’re truly excited about.” Singer’s anticipation stems from the exceptional amenities and architecturally stunning apartments, designed to cater to a diverse range of preferences.

An innovative touch is evident in the offerings of the Emerald Park luxury apartments in Panama City Beach, which range from one-bedroom to three-bedroom units. Notably, the three-bedroom units feature three full bathrooms, an unprecedented feature in the local market. However, the apartments represent just a facet of Emerald Park’s allure, as it introduces an unprecedented 10,000-square-foot suite of both indoor and outdoor amenities.

The Emerald Park luxury apartments in Panama City Beach preleasing

The Emerald Park luxury apartments are set to commence preleasing operations in September, with the apartments poised to enter the market by year-end. This phased approach culminates in the finalization of all units by spring 2024. The apartments boast an amalgamation of expansive layouts, contemporary finishes, and generously proportioned kitchens, bathrooms, closets, and balconies, harmonizing aesthetics and functionality seamlessly.

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The amenities selection in the Emerald Park luxury apartments in Panama City Beach includes a capacious 6,500-square-foot clubhouse, housing a high-top bar, TV lounges, a fitness center, private dining spaces, and a dedicated playroom for children. Additionally, an expansive “co-working/work-from-home center” spanning over 2,000 square feet offers functional lounges, conference rooms, specialized “Zoom pods,” a well-equipped kitchen, and a coffee bar. Outdoors, residents can enjoy an oversized pool, spa, fire pits, and areas for relaxation.

Singer noted, “Emerald Park is poised to redefine sophisticated luxury living within the vibrant Florida Panhandle market.” Beyond its impact on Panama City Beach’s real estate landscape, the development sets an innovative benchmark for upscale living, enhancing the region’s appeal. With its meticulously designed amenities and elegant apartments, the high-end community in Panama City Beach, Emerald Park, promises to write a new chapter in the realm of coastal luxury living.

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